Corporate Mission Statement

We are a private company, leader in the provision of hospitality managment services, oriented to the commercial and corporate sectors, which offers a kindful, personalized treatment with the highest standards of quality, constantly developing products and services intended to guarantee the satisfaction and to fullfill the expectatives of our customers. 

We count with a compromised staff, which are in constant development and improvement, allowing us to widen and keep our market share in a totally secure environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the community in general.

Corporate Vision Statement

By the year 2010 we are going to be the leader hotel in its category in Pasto city, offering excellent quality services, with the corresponding infrastructure, oriented to customers from the business and corporate sectors that visit the city, counting with broad acknolegment nationwide and beyond our borders.

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We are a private company, leader in providing hotel services, offering a personalized and friendly quality, ...



The Hotel Cuellar of Pasto was founded 29 years ago on November 9, 1983, where the original plan was to build a building with a bowling alley and an office block ...

Where we are?


Hotel Cuellar 's are located in the urban area of the municipality of Pasto, Nariño Department, in the race 23 No. 15-50 neighborhood in Colorado City Center.                                           Powered by Google Earth®...