In our accommodations you will always find a nice environment where you will be able to enjoy a well deserved rest. In addition you will also have the space that you need to comfortably do your everyday working activities.   Our 24 hour reception will be attentive to all your requirements.


                                                          Tipy of Rooms
   Estándar Superior   Jr. Suite  Suite 
 Beds  Dobles 1.40x1.90 mt  Queen 1.6x2.0 mt  Queen 1.6x2.0 mt   Queen 1.6x2.0 mt 
 Mesa para trabajo  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Internet  Alámbrica e inalámbrica  Alámbrica e inalámbrica  Alámbrica  Alámbrica
 Radio despertador  Si  Si  Si  Si
 TV  21"  LCD 32"  LCD 32"  2 TVs LCD 32"
 TVCable  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Minibar de cortesia  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Amenities  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Teléfono DDN y DDI  Si  Si  SI  Si
 Directorios Telefónicos  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Mesa Auxiliar
 -  Si  Si  Si
 Sala  -  Si  Si  Si
 Sofa Cama
 -  Si  Si  Si
 Sillones    2  2  2
 Mesa de jardín
 -  -  Si  Si
 Silla Mecedora
 -  -  De 2 puestos  De 2 puestos
 Cajilla de Seguridad
 -  Si  Si  Si
 Secador de cabello  Si  Si  Si  Si
Shampoo  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Crema de manos  Si  Si  Si  Si
Gorro de baño  Si  Si  Si  Si
Jabon  Si  Si  Si  Si
 Teléfono  -  Si  Si  Si
 Tina  -  -  -  Si

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The Hotel Cuellar of Pasto was founded 29 years ago on November 9, 1983, where the original plan was to build a building with a bowling alley and an office block ...

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Hotel Cuellar 's are located in the urban area of the municipality of Pasto, Nariño Department, in the race 23 No. 15-50 neighborhood in Colorado City Center.                                           Powered by Google Earth®...